We are a group of spiritually progressive believers, thinkers & doubters who gather around open dialogue, activism & art. Come join us.

5PM. Every Sunday.

Why Thomas?

It is in the steps of doubting Thomas that we walk. Doubting. Questioning. Loving. Longing. We walk in the twilight between belief, disbelief and agnosticism… and we like it there.

Are you really Christian?

Christianity is the tradition through which we worship God. There is beauty and power in the historical practices of the Church; gathering, singing, contemplation, activism, reading scripture, comforting others, etc.

Still, we embrace people and practices for other faiths (or lack thereof). We are followers of Jesus Christ, therefore we say we are Christian.

Belief (or lack thereof)

It’s less about believing with your intellect but having faith and trust in God. It’s being faithful to a lifestyle that is Jesus rather than confessing to a particular set of doctrine and dogma.


The Persons of our Triune God—Creator, Savior Jesus and Holy Spirit—relate to one another in a beautiful dance of continual and mutual loving, giving, and indwelling. The Trinity represents communal, sharing and self-giving love.

This is the example we are to follow.

We must not simply believe Trinitarian, but we must live as such.

The Bible

We believe the Bible is a collection of interrelated stories and letters forming a larger narrative of the redemption of creation. The bible has been a source of comfort, healing, conviction and subversion to peoples and communities for millennia. We take the Bible seriously, but not always literally. That is to say that the Truth of the Bible is not dependent on its historical factuality.


We believe we were created to be in community with another. We believe we are sexual beings. We equally cherish ALL sexual orientations… All are reflections of the divine.

We believe we are embodied beings with intellect, physical form and emotions. This view means caring for the whole person here and now. We believe that the human condition includes brokenness and for that reason we are in need of healing—in our bodies, intellect and psyche.